OVC3 Hybrid Starter Kit

Regular price $3,995.00

The OVC3 starter kit is all you need to set up your dental practice with the One Visit Crown. It contains small, medium and large sizes for each posterior tooth, lower and upper molars and premolars. If you keep this kit fully stocked you will have all the most commonly used OVC3’s on hand, enabling you to offer your patients a true one visit dental crown solution.

Available in shades: A2, A3.

The OVC3 Starter Kit includes: 

  • 24 x OVC3 Refill Cases (Small, medium and large size for all posterior teeth).
  • OVC3 Size Selector Keys for all teeth sizes and shapes.

Individual cases come in all posterior tooth shapes with 5 sizes for each tooth.


Important: if you would like to do the OVC3 indirect procedure, you will need to add a separating agent to your order (recommended for first time users).